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What seniors should know about opioids

Medication can be very helpful to seniors, but as we’ve all heard, they can cause problems. Opioid pain medication can present special risks, especially for people who take multiple medications. Ask your doctor if the medications you are taking have harmful interactions. Anyone taking or considering taking opioids should ask his or her doctor about:

  • interactions with other medications
  • interactions with alcohol
  • how to safely use opioids and all other medication
  • how to safely store medication
  • how to dispose of medication

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What you can do

There are some simple things you can do to help fight opioid abuse.

  1. Store your medication safely and out of sight of visitors. Put your meds in a cabinet or drawer where visitors can’t access them without you seeing them.
  2. Consider getting a lockbox. Medication lockboxes are safer than medicine cabinets.
  3. Take unused and expired medication to a safe disposal box in your community. Find the box closest to you and learn what can and can’t be accepted at www.TakeMedsBack.org.

Resources for communities

If you’re interested in leading a campaign to inform seniors about safe medication use, storage, and disposal, check out the collateral catalog for resources.